Minor Updates MODLR Gateway - Minor Update - April 25th 2020

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Mar 19, 2018
MODLR Gateway - https://go.modlr.co
Update Date: 25th April 2020
This is the developer portal for designing models, reports and dashboards. For some of the functions to become available a server upgrade is required.

Update Listing
  • Workview Editor - Copy / paste behaves more like MS Excel with pasting one to many, repeating the clipboard across the selection and many to one cells now supported.
  • Workview Editor - Added set editor buttons within the dimension panel. These will open the first set of that dimension. This is useful for if you have a suppressed set without any data and want to change its set instructions without pausing the workview.
  • Bug Fix - Workview Editor - Changing Workview tabs was preventing the Formula Editor and Trace Formula functions from working without de-selecting the previous tabs cells and then trying again.
  • Dimension Editor - When a conflict occurs as a hierarchy is updated there is now a conflict resolution panel which is displayed. This panel will provide options when a new element conflicts with an existing alias, or an existing element is being changed from a parent to an N-Level and visa versa.
  • Server Management - Instances which are restarting now give an indicator that the instance is in the process of starting, these will also redirect to the home screen once the instance has finished starting.
  • Manage Data - Advanced Filtering has been added onto the Manage Data page which should work across all data-source connections.

Example of an instance which is in the process of starting (after an upgrade).

Example of saving a dimension hierarchy which has a conflicted element (changing an N-Level to a Parent)

Example of Advanced Filters on a Data-source Table
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