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Tony Ta

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Mar 4, 2020
1. Is there any way to merge the Dimension Editor with the Dimensions Selector/Filters? Can we streamline the 2 separate functions and merge them into 1 by 'snapping' them into the table (think of how PIVOT tables work). The frustration is when you're in Dimension Editor, it only allows you to structure the layout of the report however doesn’t allow to edit the dimensions (and vice versa).

2. Another point with the Dimension Filters. The way it is currently stacked up on top of the report consumes a lot of screen space - with a lot of white screen space wasted on the top right corner . Is there any way to have the dimensions displayed differently? E.g. lay out the filters horizontally or have a hide/reveal panel. This becomes more of an issue when working off our 13" work laptops, as the only way to analyse the results is to zoom down to at least 50% (to get sufficient screen area) however the figures are so small that it is unworkable.

3.In regards to repeating dimensions as columns or rows, can we merge them so it is cleaner and easier on the eyes to discern when a dimension starts and end? Before we can start looking at the data we need to use energy and time to scan and read each dimension tile – this becomes even harder when the dimension names are similar (e.g. GroupHQ, GroupHK, GroupAU) as the repetitiveness confuses the eye and makes it harder (therefore slower) to analyse reports with a sea of numbers.

4. In dimension editor, is there a possibility to add a ‘Clear All’ button relating to the middle ‘Set Instructions’ panel. As analysts, quite often we spend a lot of time setting up reports to the view we like before duplicating the workview and making variations of that report. However sometimes due to time pressures/constraints, it’ll be helpful to wipe out existing instructions by a click of a button, instead of individually closing each instruction (at one time I had to clear out +30 instructions).


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Ben Hill

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Mar 19, 2018
Hi Tony,

Thanks for your feedback.

1. Merging dimension positioning with the report positioning
Out of the items highlighted I'm answering this one last as it is a more complex request. I think it would be quite difficult to merge them at this stage due to the same system being used across the MODLR Gateway but is not entirely out of the question. I would say that we need to investigate this option further before commenting. One easier option would be to add an icon which lets you edit sets from the left hand dimension panel. For dimensions where there are multiple sets (on columns/rows) we could have an intermediary popup box to let the user choose which set to edit. I'm interested in your thoughts on this.

2. Changing the layout of stacked titles
This is something we are actively looking into. It is quite a simple change if we allow a Menu Option to spread them horizontally across the page into a number of columns rather than stacked vertically. We are debating if the user should be able to set the number of columns on this. We need to work through the detail as to if this is a workview setting (which stays with the report) or a workview editor setting (which stays with the users preferences), or a combination of both. Appreciate your thoughts on this.

3. Hiding duplications on stacked members.
With this one I believe we will implement it as a instruction which can be added to a specific dimension set to reduce repeating of header labels, as sometimes its worth having names repeating when the axis has a complex combination of distinct sets. In the meantime I would recommend making use of blank rows/columns to divide up the report into logical sections. In the example image adding a blank space at the end of the scenario set will add a divider between repeating tuples. Also you might consider resetting the set indents on the same set so we can avoid the line indentation.

4. Adding a clear all for set instructions.
Agree wholeheartedly and would add that we plan to include a copy/paste option for set instructions so that you can quickly copy a complex set from one report to another.

Feel free to let me know as you have further feedback. Also please let me know if I have misunderstood you on any point. I'm really excited to hear more feedback and ideas from customers about how we can improve the platform.

Kind Regards,
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