Minor Updates MODLR Gateway - Minor Update - March 26th 2020

Ben Hill

Staff member
Mar 19, 2018
MODLR Gateway - https://go.modlr.co
Update Date: 26th March 2020
This is the developer portal for designing models, reports and dashboards.

Update Listing
  • Workview Editor - Added an additional titles layout to Workview Editor. (Edit - Wrap Title Dimensions) this setting is saved to the workview and will persist into the frontend.
  • Workview Editor - Added a clear-all button to the Set Editor
  • Workview Editor - Fixed a bug where custom headers could not be removed after the workview was saved and reloaded.
  • Dashboard - Added a callback system allowing custom widgets in dashboards to provide title selections to widgets.
  • Manage Data - Added basic filtering and sorting on Manage Data page. These features will be expanded in the next update.
  • Server Management - Allow running processes to be cancelled. This flags the process as cancelled and the process itself will check every 1000 lines of data or every 1000 cell intersections during a slice. The author of the process can also check if a process has been cancelled using the new script.isCancelled() function which helps when a process is neither processing a datasource or a cube slice.
  • Authentication - Rate Limited Password reset so that the reset link received will be valid even if the user tries to have another reset email sent.
  • Bug fix for people across multiple client accounts. The Application page, collaborator section shows the correct user listing for the active instance.
  • Bug fix for people across mutliple client accounts. The switch server functionality now works across accounts.
  • Bug fix to auto-hide chart legends if there are too many datasets to show appropriately
  • Minor bug fix - Dashboards could not be double clicked in the application page.

Example of the Wrap Title Dimensions Option