Minor Updates MODLR Gateway - Minor Update - June 8th 2020

Ben Hill

Staff member
Mar 19, 2018
MODLR Gateway - https://go.modlr.co
Update Date: 8th June 2020
This is the developer portal for designing models, reports and dashboards. For some of the functions to become available a server upgrade is required.

Update Listing
  • Displaying users email addresses within the Application, Collaborators table
  • Displaying the current users requests against the instance in a new table at the bottom of the logs page.
  • Includes a new button on the logs page which allows the process execution logs to be cleared as this table can become very long if servers have scheduled processes.
  • Including a new panel which allows control of the embedded FTPS server within the logs page. This includes the writer and reader accounts and access to these user passwords.
  • If a session times out due to lack of internet connectivity or computer hibernation (rather than redirecting users to the login screen) a modal login form is now displayed which allows the user to re-login and prevent loss of work.
  • Bug Fix - If a user account has been disabled previously and the user is re-added to an account the old account is reactivated instead of the task failing.
  • Bug Fix - Element names containing forward slashes had been preventing workviews from allowing the elements to be selected.
  • Bug Fix - Removed the ability to add measures dimensions to a cube in any other was than as the last dimension of the cube.