Minor Updates MODLR Gateway - Minor Update - July 23rd 2020 (In Early Access Portal)

Ben Hill

Staff member
Mar 19, 2018
MODLR Gateway (Early Access) - https://ea.modlr.co
Update Date: 23rd July 2020
This is the developer portal for designing models, reports and dashboards. For some of the functions to become available a server upgrade is required.

Update Listing
  • Workview Editor - Quick Pivot function available in the workview editor.
  • Workview Editor - Syntax Highlighting and Code Completion on Cube Formulas
  • Workview Editor - Keep, Hide and Reset functions available now when right clicking on a workview heading.
  • Workview Set Editor - Set Instructions can now be copy/pasted between sets.
  • Workview Set Editor - Elements can now be pasted into a set.
  • Workview Set Editor - Fixed scroll on the preview pane in set editor.
  • Workview Set Editor - Fixed editing for using Formula instructions.
  • Account Management - Removed Account Settings Page (Redundant - Only affects Resellers)
  • Account Management - Included a Client selector when provisioning a server (Only affects Resellers)
  • Account Management - Server theme settings (in the frontend) are no longer wiped when server is updated or restarted.
  • Manage Datastore - Fixed issue where data source username was taken when creating a new datastore user.
  • Frontend - When resetting a password through a Thin instance, user will now be redirect to the instance the user originated from.

Quick Pivot function

Syntax Highlighting and Code Completion on Cube Formulas