Major Updates MODLR Gateway - Major Update - Nov 5th 2020 (In Early Access Portal)

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Mar 19, 2018
MODLR Gateway (Early Access) -
Update Date: 5th November 2020
This is the developer portal for designing models, reports and dashboards. For some of the functions to become available a server upgrade is required.

Update Listing
  • User Interface - Design of the gateway has adopted the two-tone iconography instead of single shades.
  • Workview Set Editor - Set Default Element - Set Instruction
  • Workview Set Editor - Override Cube using Formula - Set Instruction (Allows for multiple cubes within a single workview)
  • Workview Set Editor - Searching on the Instruction Dictionary
  • Workview Set Editor - Expand and Collapse Groupings on the Instruction Dictionary
  • Dimension Editor - Quick switch the dimension within the dimension page
  • Models - Included new section which is a model directory. This filesystem can hold shortcuts to Workviews, Processes and Variables alongside uploaded PDF's and Excel Workbooks.
  • Application Management - Screens now show their contents which can be clicked on to open the contents, whether that is a workview, dashboard or custom page.
  • Manage Datastore - Improved the layout, filtering and sorting system on the Manage Data page.
    • This now supports filter groups which support multiple child filters joined with a "AND" and "OR" function.
    • Sorting now supports multiple levels of sorting.
    • Editing records is now inline (meaning it does not open the record in a modal form).
  • Account Management - Provisioning instances is now on its own page which has a simplified design and approach.
  • Account Management - Users can now subscribe to notifications about their instance. This will send an email or sms message to the user should the instance not be responsive.
  • Account Management - Quick switch server icon has been moved from under the users account menu (User name menu top right) to the top right header.
Related Engine Updates
  • Bug Fix: Cube.Dimension.Add - An odd bug which sometimes caused the dimension to be added to the target cube twice.
  • Additional Datasource Service API calls which can be used to generate SQL (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE) from a set of filters and sort options.
  • Added support for opening password protected MS Excel documents both on and workbook.fromBase64.
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