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    Reset the set dimension while we are applying new instruction

    Would be good if we can Reset the set dimension while we are applying new instructions. Example: If you go to a row element and Select with the right-click, then try to change a set in the rows by opening the set editor - the new changes will look like they don't take effect until you go and...
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    Formatting additions display 000's and display flip sign

    hi there, it would be good to have formatting capability to have flexibility to complete features like: display 000's or by millions, - for large numbers display flip sign - good for displaying Income lines (which are credit - ) and not impacting the NPAT Probably a few more but thats a start
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    Default value for Reporting Month - and include other months

    We have a Period variable for reporting month, reporting year, reporting YTD. etc Would be good to be able to on a Workview selector display all Reporting YTD expanded children, and have the default land on the new month (probably last month on the list) in a report each month. Have tried using...
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    Default value for a Set if formulas not met

    We use formulas in a set to default to a legal entity currency, where Legal Entity is one dim and Currency is another. Only issue is when a person Pivots the Legal Entity dim from a selector to a row or column the formula cannot calculate as it is not a single legal entity on display. Would be...
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    new Date() for timezones

    Hi There We can use new Date() to return a date eg Tue Nov 17 2020 09:17:05 GMT+0000 (UTC) but it would be good to be able to call timezone times that relate to the location of the main teams eg aestTime = new Date().toLocaleString("en-US", {timeZone: "Australia/Brisbane"}); This does not...
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    Parent Alias duplicate naming across Hierarchies enabled

    This would be good if we can implement this quickly as we have to work around this at the moment with an alternative naming convention that is not the same as the Source systems Like we can with element parents across hierarchies, it would be good to incorporate this capability for the alias...
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    zero suppress with a tolerance

    Hi there, it would be good to be able to zero suppress rows and columns, but to call out a tolerance + or - . Example being with some comparisons across two children in a consolidated element you will get a very small residual even though it is zero when displayed. By adding a tolerance if you...
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    Model notes and documentation

    Hi Modlr team, we maintain workview, cube, and application information offline - mostly description free form text. It would be good to have a field we can maintain in modlr direct so we don't do anything offline - also good for this to be able to be extracted easly in xls by the user and in...
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    Request Make use in Workviews the area above the rows and in the corner by the columns

    hi there, Would be nice to make use of this area above the rows and in the corner by the columns - would work if it was a text area to write a header or instructions?.
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    Request Request: Rules/ Formulas - turn off and on

    Hi there, We have various forecasting cycles in the year and use working versions for scenarios, these having formulas relating to the specific working versions... I manage the working versions through a hierarchy and use restrictions in formulas to reference only these... but, it would also be...
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    Implemented Request: Export to CSV in shared server folder from MODLR datasource

    Hi there, We have a requirement to export to text file/ CSV in the SFTP file location for cube data. We can see there is a utility to move to MySQL in GitHub
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    Let Legal Entity dimension drive Local Currency output in Currency dimension

    If you have a dimension like Legal Entity that has a one to one for Currency, and a separate currency dim, in a workview you can drive the Local currency to be automatically referenced by what is selected in the Legal Entity dim selector. This only works when both dims are in the selector area...
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    Implemented URL path displayed and ready to copy for the application screens page in the gateway

    It would be handy to have the URL path displayed and ready to copy for the application screens page in the gateway. This would allow for quick copy, but would also be handy if we could dump the table out to excel for further review
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    Request Expand up in Set editor and rows/columns

    Feedback from users we have two things that will help with navigation of large dims. 1) In Workviews as well as keep/ remove on the right click, it would be good to drill up a level 2) In set editor as well as right click and Add to instructions, it would be good to drill up a level. This...
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    Request Percentage input behavior

    It would be good to be able to enter 90 into a % formatted workview and the value be recorded as 90%, instead of 9000%, this would make a user think in % instead of having to create a decimal each time. Also would still want the smarts to be able to copy from excel and it recognise that is still...
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    Request Scheduler edit, variables and naming

    Hi there, Would be good to have an Edit button on Scheduler, as well as Prompts section so you can pass variables, and then be able to Name the Schedule to something specific to its intention Another good feature would be to use cron format to call out a set number of days in a month eg 1-10...
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    Request Expand / Collapse with Next for a variable - dimension Set

    In a dimension set - I have found when you want to expand a single Variable (eg Reporting year) you cannot reference the variable with the expand (or collapse) next. Could this be made possible? Also be good to have a way to collapse the elements you have added through the Insert Next member...
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    Request Undo Data entry

    Undo button for Data entry would be very handy
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    Request Entering data without pressing Enter and then having a refresh - submit button and colour coding for unsubmiteed data

    I can send a video to help explain. But if you go to a data entry view, type zero value in a few populated cells, don't press enter. click refresh - numbers return maybe click refresh again - numbers stay go to one of the cells, enter zero, press enter - all numbers will zero from step 1...
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    Request Clear multiple cells on data entry

    Hi there, It would be good to have a quick key method to highlight and clear cells. Also might be good as a dropdown button (like the copy paste), in addition a cut function would be good too. I can send a video if needed - but you can only wipe a cell - cell by cell, or copy and paste an...