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    Utility Process: Pulling Currency Data from API

    Seems to work well, thanks for this Wayne
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    Preview pane in set editor with scroll

    Hi there, An analyst user has pointed out the set editor preview has no scroll capability, this would be helpful when checking the results before saving to workview.
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    Implemented Cut and paste to a Set Editor

    It would be good to have the capability to cut from an external file a list of items you want to report in a set, and paste to the Dimension Structure area. This would allow for quick reporting of any items that you want to investigate Happy to expand further if it is not clear
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    Implemented email for contributors in an App to be displayed

    Hi there, for admin function, it would be good to have the email on the display for an app for contributors too, as I struggle at times without the email or domain reference for our teams, and we have a blank name halfway down which I do not know who it is
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    Allow dimension elements to display in root if in hierarchy twice

    This is only applicable to specific dimensions eg measures or Scenario Taking the scenario example - below would be expected display behavior, can we allow this to stick? As helps a user navigate a dimension and they do not need to search for an element in a consolidation: Actual Forecast...
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    reporting a ragged/ unbalanced hierarchy

    Would be great also if we had a default expanded view of the hierarchy that could be snapped to each new report, otherwise we create a a convoluted expand method each time we want a new report because the standard viewcan not be moved around the reports One option is in Dimension Editor is to...
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    reporting a ragged/ unbalanced hierarchy

    We have a ragged / unbalanced P&L hierarchy and want to expand to a specific level, for example at the simplest terms: starting at leaf level - call it level 0, we want to expand to say level 1? In Dimension editor instructions: I have used the expand function 5 times, however by applying it...