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  1. Ben Hill

    MODLR Excel Add-in - 1.3.7 - Minor Update - 25th May 2020

    MODLR Excel Add-in - Documentation, Download Update Date: 26th May 2020 Update Listing This fixes a bug which can occur when not using MODLR and quickly changing selection of cells in a worksheet. Added support for slicing workviews which have dimensions not on titles, rows or columns, and...
  2. Ben Hill

    Using the new FTP feature on MODLR

    Thanks for the write-up and documentation Wayne.
  3. Ben Hill

    MODLR Gateway - Minor Update - April 25th 2020

    MODLR Gateway - Update Date: 25th April 2020 This is the developer portal for designing models, reports and dashboards. For some of the functions to become available a server upgrade is required. Update Listing Workview Editor - Copy / paste behaves more like MS Excel with...
  4. Ben Hill

    User experience feedback

    Hi Tony, Just an update on this, we have released a minor update which includes enhancements for your items #2 and #4 to the MODLR gateway and front-end. Update notes - Kind Regards, Ben
  5. Ben Hill

    MODLR Gateway - Minor Update - March 26th 2020

    MODLR Gateway - Update Date: 26th March 2020 This is the developer portal for designing models, reports and dashboards. Update Listing Workview Editor - Added an additional titles layout to Workview Editor. (Edit - Wrap Title Dimensions) this setting is saved to the...
  6. Ben Hill

    User experience feedback

    Hi Tony, Thanks for your feedback. 1. Merging dimension positioning with the report positioning Out of the items highlighted I'm answering this one last as it is a more complex request. I think it would be quite difficult to merge them at this stage due to the same system being used across the...
  7. Ben Hill

    Tutorials and Videos section of our Website

    We've just launched our new Tutorials and Demos section to our website found here: We'll aim to consistently add functionality showcases and tutorials over the next few years here.
  8. Ben Hill

    Utility Process - Scenario Copy

    Posting the Utility Process for copying data between two scenarios in a cube. Process Source Code Notes: The target cube must have a Scenario dimension (which is a dimension with a type of Scenario). Optionally a Measure can be provided. Can be further optimised by turning off formula...
  9. Ben Hill

    Corporate Planning Model Development Video Series

    We have launched our Modelling Tutorial Series - Corporate Planning Model. I'll embed the videos from this series here. In this tutorial video series we will guide you through developing a collaborative planning model with specific modules such as Opex, Capex, Personnel, Travel and Revenue...
  10. Ben Hill

    MODLR announces its release of Financial Planning & Analysis cloud services to the Australian market

    MODLR looks to bring FP&A services back to Australia. MODLR Pty Ltd, a cloud business modelling service, today announced its official launch to the Australian market. MODLR, started in 2014, has opened its doors to direct registrations and is offering a free entry level modelling plan. MODLR...